The Best OSHA Law Firm for Employees in New York

There are many OSHA Law Firms New York that offer services related to OSHA disputes. However, we are proud to be a team of attorneys that focus specifically on matters related to OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Attorneys specially trained to handle cases of employees who are strangled in relevant cases. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we offer our clients the guidance they require to navigate the most complex cases.

Besides that, we also give services to companies and employers for the safety and health issues in the workplace.

When required, we work closely with our business clients to provide comprehensive, result-oriented legal services. Workplace accidents can be brutal and threatening. They can result in ending your career and when this happens, you deserve to be compensated. We help our clients in pursuing and obtaining rightful compensation.

Our Attorneys

American workplaces are regulated by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration which enforces reasonable standards and regulations to ensure workers’ safety and health. All employees, employers, and companies are required to comply with OSHA standards aimed at ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Tremiti Law Firm represent employers in OSHA investigations and citations. They also help employees who are victims of OSHA violations such as toxic tort, fall protection, machine guarding, and negligence.

How Do We Help Employees?

Every employee has the right to safely attend to their work each day without fearing injuries or death. However, at some workplaces such as construction sites and factories, we often notice a clear violation of OSHA standards. To fight such negligence, OSHA gives employees some rights such as they can request their local OSHA authority to send an agent for inspection of their workplace. Employees can deny performing duties that involve high risks. They can file complaints against their employer or contractor without fearing discrimination.

We are one of the best OSHA law firms New York that offer a range of reliable legal services and solutions. If you think OSHA standards are not being properly followed, you can Contact Tremiti LLC.


Finding Best Labor and Employment Law Firm for Your Business

Small firms and businesses are usually lack of resources and finance to have an in-house legal team. Unlike bigger corporations that have instruments, smaller businesses encounter difficulty when it comes to handling legal issues and rely on the services of OSHA law firms New York. There are a number of law firms that cater to the needs of small companies and startups.

Here are a few tips that can help you find the best labor and employment law firm for your business.

Find a firm that deals in your industry

OSHA law firms offer a variety of services to both small and large enterprises. However, the legal support that is required by these organizations differs greatly because shortage of resources, the type of legal problems they face, their network and credibility in the market. Most of the big corporations have a global presence and consequently more legal issues, while smaller firms will have limited need for legal aid.

So before you choose a labor and employment law firm NYC, it is essential that you understand the kind of legal issues you could face in terms of OSHA laws, employment laws, commercial laws, trademarks, copyright laws, etc.

Check the firm’s background and references

The next thing to do is to check the legal firm’s background and reputation in terms of providing legal support to smaller firms. Some work only with major corporations while others specifically handle legal issues of small and medium-sized companies. Look for their success ratio in handling legal disputes for companies like yours, and preferably with a similar background. Also, ask them for customer references and verify these thoroughly before you bank on them.

Personal attention to client

The employment lawyers you choose must pay personal attention to all its clients irrespective of their size. Choosing a legal firm that focuses more on their client’s satisfaction, than on making big money would be ideal choice for your business.

Cost and affordability

Last but not the least, consider the fee and other charges that you need to pay the firm. Choosing a big legal firm can be costly and unnecessary considering your small needs. Stick to smaller law firms that also provide a wide range of services, but at reasonable costs, keeping the narrow resources of small businesses in mind. You should first consult with their employment lawyers New York and ask them some important and relevant questions. You may ask about specific cases they have handled like workplace harassment, business immigration, workers’ compensation and discrimination cases.

Best New York OSHA Law Firm for Businesses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect and preserve the rights of employees and employers. It regulates employers and companies to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment for all working individuals. OSHA law firms help both employers and employees in different ways.

Every year, thousands of workers are killed and injured on their job premises in the US. In 1971, OSHA was enacted primarily to combat workplace risks and conditions for professionals. In later years and till now, it has expanded and amended several times to ensure it meets with the modern requirements. This act assigns certain responsibilities to employers regarding the safety and health of their workers and also empowers employees to protect their workplace rights.

Tremiti LLC is one of the best OSHA Law Firms New York that advises employers regarding their workplace safety obligations and ensures they remain out of legal troubles. We help business clients in compliance with workplace standards and general duties.

Many employers do the mistake of cutting corners to save a few costs but that eventually costs severely to their reputation when one of their workers suffers from unnecessary hazard. To prevent these situations, it is important for employers to stay in compliance with rules and standards associated with OSHA. If you have been sued by one of your employees, you can contact our Employment Law Attorney NYC to handle your case and reduce certain burdens from your busy head. Our practices include:

  • Employment Law
  • Labor Law
  • OSHA
  • Business Immigration
  • General Corporate Issues

We exclusively represent employers in all labor and employment matters that involve Workers’ Compensation, Wage and Hour, Employment Discrimination, Overtime, and Workplace Safety. In out 17 years of experience, we have helped a number of reputed clients from a diverse range of industries. We have gained immense experience solving various complicated workers’ compensation cases and rescued our clients in the hardest of claims. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable employment law attorney NYC, contact us today!

What Do OSHA Law Firms Do?

OSHA guidelines and regulations are getting stricter and with that, the need for OSHA law firms New York and practical legal guides is increasing rapidly.  Tremiti LLC offers a comprehensive range of legal services to help businesses and corporations navigate through the intricacies of OSHA laws that greatly impact on their operations, administration, policies, and employment procedures.

We assist business clients throughout New York and California, ranging from small startups to large size corporate, in the core areas of employment, labor, and OSHA laws. Our employment lawyers assist clients in their OSHA-related matters. We have a long clientele that includes real estate firms, manufacturers, supply-chains, contractors, technology companies, insurance companies, and more.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency operated by the United States Department of Labor. It has set particular standards and rules that all employers must comply with in order to protect their employees from workplace hazards and secure their rights. The purpose of this agency is to protect workers from violation of health, safety, and labor laws at the workplace. Under OSH Act, some responsibilities has been designated to employers who have hired 10 or more employees that include:

  • Maintaining a record of work-related accidents and illness
  • Informing workers about workplace hazards and safety concerns involved in their duties
  • Making sure the tools and equipment are safe and up-to-date for workers
  • Providing proper training and more.

If an accident occurs at the workplace that results in fatality or hospitalization of employees, employers are required to report within 8 hours.  If you have been injured at the workplace due to malfunctioning equipment or fall ill due to poor workplace atmosphere, it’s better to contact employment lawyers New York to protect your rights and ensure further investigation goes smoothly and you get the compensation you deserve.

OSHA Law Firms comprise of experienced labor and employment law firm attorneys who assist both employees and employers in workplace safety and health-related litigations. If you’re an employer, you can prevent OSHA-related litigations by following and implementing standards and safety programs prepared by OSHA. You may consult our legal experts to ensure your business is in compliance with OSHA.

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What are the OSHA requirements for employers?

As businessmen, as an employer, you should have some basic knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) which was passed by Congress. It emphasizes employers to keep their workplace safe for the employees. Since its enforcement, it has been amended several times to ensure strict safety for workers. This act is originally carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the US Department of Labor. There is enormous information available on different blogs and especially on OSHA’s official site where you can get regular updates. However, you can hire specialized OSHA law firms to know more about its rule and regulations.

OSHA for businesses

Seeing the increasing causalities and accidents at the workplace, it has become an imperative task for employers in America to strictly follow job safety and health programs. They want their company fruitful and healthy for everyone to enjoy life without fear of injuries and accidental death. No matter what size of business you’re operating, it is must to comply with OSHA’s regulations if you have two or more employees. A business that has 11 or above employees during a calendar year also need to maintain a record of injuries and illness occurred at the workplace, using OSHA Form 300. You can consult with qualified OSHA attorneys New York to get more information.

Requirement for employers

Under the OSHA Act 1970, employers need to provide a workplace free from potential hazards that may cause an accident in the future and tend to deliver serious physical or mental harm to employees. They have to comply with all OSH Act standards and implement them at the workplace. They are also required to display OSHA poster (3165) or equivalent poster at a visible site so that all current workers and prospective employees can read their rights and responsibilities under the OSH Act. An employment attorney can help both parties in understanding the crucial components of OSHA.

Employers are required to provide sufficient information to workers about recognizing hazardous substances. Before joining, all employees should be trained to be aware of possible chemical hazards, dangers of flammable material, and anything that may affect them. OSHA law firms New York work dedicatedly to provide their client with all the necessary information on how they can manage safe working premises.

If you’re a business and covered by OSHA act then it should comply with federal workplace safety and health standards, or equivalent state standards. OSHA attorneys work closely with their business clients to conduct a hazard assessment and deliver training to their employees to certain topics. Hiring an employment attorney NYC can be beneficial for both workers and businesses to secure their rights under the law.