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There are many OSHA Law Firms New York that offer services related to OSHA disputes. However, we are proud to be a team of attorneys that focus specifically on matters related to OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Attorneys specially trained to handle cases of employees who are strangled in relevant cases. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we offer our clients the guidance they require to navigate the most complex cases.

Besides that, we also give services to companies and employers for the safety and health issues in the workplace.

When required, we work closely with our business clients to provide comprehensive, result-oriented legal services. Workplace accidents can be brutal and threatening. They can result in ending your career and when this happens, you deserve to be compensated. We help our clients in pursuing and obtaining rightful compensation.

Our Attorneys

American workplaces are regulated by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration which enforces reasonable standards and regulations to ensure workers’ safety and health. All employees, employers, and companies are required to comply with OSHA standards aimed at ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Tremiti Law Firm represent employers in OSHA investigations and citations. They also help employees who are victims of OSHA violations such as toxic tort, fall protection, machine guarding, and negligence.

How Do We Help Employees?

Every employee has the right to safely attend to their work each day without fearing injuries or death. However, at some workplaces such as construction sites and factories, we often notice a clear violation of OSHA standards. To fight such negligence, OSHA gives employees some rights such as they can request their local OSHA authority to send an agent for inspection of their workplace. Employees can deny performing duties that involve high risks. They can file complaints against their employer or contractor without fearing discrimination.

We are one of the best OSHA law firms New York that offer a range of reliable legal services and solutions. If you think OSHA standards are not being properly followed, you can Contact Tremiti LLC.