Why Do Employers Need an Employment Attorney?

Employers who feel difficulty while managing their employees may need the help of an employment law attorney New York. Probably those managers who find it complex to keep the hired staff disciplined. Employment law professionals at Tremiti LLC can assist you with a range of issues from keeping the employees under disciplines to firing them. We have a qualified and experienced team of lawyers to assist you in various employment-related concerns effectively.

Formal Communication

Formal communication or exchange of official information that should be carried out by people who understand the orderly use of the right vocabulary for formal interaction. It can be done through a formal letter which is always an ideal way of avoiding later confusions. Corporate law firms work with companies and employers to help them write employment contracts, handle grievance letters, and resignation letters that are neutral, explicit, and follows policies and protocols set by that company or employer.

Employment Rights

The federal government has entitled several employment rights to both employees and employers. This includes the right to work free from all types of discrimination and harassment, right to file a claim/complaint against the employer, workplace safety, etc, for employees. If any of these rights are ignored or violated by the employer, employees can take the help of an employment law attorney for legal proceedings.

From hiring to firing

An attorney can help you decide the right hiring method “contract employees” or “at-will” basis. There can be many valid reasons for an employer to fire one of his workers. And then you need to be clear and in compliance with laws to fire an unqualified worker. But if the circumstances of dismissing a particular worker seem to be illegal, then you must consult an attorney.

Disciplinary measures

An organization’s success fairly depends on the efficacy, behavior, and discipline of its employees. Employers must have to set particular disciplinary measures to ensure the employees they recruit be appropriate, discerning, and regulated. You can contact Tremiti LLC for the correct, fair and legal ways of disciplining employees.

Tremiti is one of the best corporate law firms NYC and is dedicated to serve businesses, organizations, and eligible individuals in employment-related issues.

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What Do Employment Attorneys Do for Employers?

Running a successful company entails many things from hiring a strong team of professionals to managing their employment contracts to laying off unwanted people. Of course, there are many other things that I have not mentioned here due to the motive of this article.

You always need a backup team to solve rising corporate issues, including an employment attorney. No matter how multitalented you’re, while running a company you have to handle a lot of responsibilities along with managing the entire operations and the employees you have hired. There is always a need of corporate law firms NYC, to handle employment-related legal matters, reviewing contracts or dismissing an incapable employee who has been consistently failed to deliver.

What Do Employment Attorneys Do?

An employment attorney specializes in solving employee-employer disputes that may involve wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, safety issues, and wages. They can represent both or represent a single side to resolve a particular case. Attorneys who specialize in specific labor and employment laws can help employers in many ways.

These attorneys provide two types of support/advice – conscientious or non-conscientious. During conscientious counseling, they help clients in preparing and representation in the litigation process and can also advice in disciplinary procedures.

On the other hand, non-conscientious counseling involves helping companies or employers in their day-to-day legal needs. It can be an advice to the Human Resource Department regarding preparing employment contracts and policies, workplace safety inspection and compliance, drafting or workers’ compensation claims.

Corporate law firms advice on a variety of issues and cases that rise on the workplace settings.

Hiring an employment attorney NYC is kind of a viable partnership to get valuable advice whenever needed. There can be some intricate issues arise such as when one of your employees files a case against you for violation of his rights. The attorney can help to curb the misunderstanding about terms, policies, agreements, and benefits entitled to a particular employee.

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Employee Rights and Responsibilities in NYC

There are certain rights and responsibilities entitled to both employees and employers in New York City. According to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP), every worker in NYC regardless of his/her immigration status has some rights.

If you work in New York City and unaware of your rights you should read this piece. Whether you’re currently working, looking for a job or worked for a company in the past, you should know the rights that empower you at the workplace and balance employment-relationship.

At Tremiti LLC, we represent businesses and organizations in the core areas of Employment and Labor Law. As part of our employment and OSHA law practice, we assist employers in keeping the workplace in compliance with standards and in preventive efforts to avoid possible claims and litigations. We are a reputed labor and employment law firm NYC and always encourage employers and employees to learn more about legislation that protects them.

Paid Safe and Sick Leave

Anyone who works more than 80 hours a year can take up to 40 hours of safe and sick leave. One can take this leave for self-treatment and care. The law also allows you to utilize the leave to help anyone you consider family. An employer does not have any right to retaliate against the employee for being asked about the leave. You can talk to an experienced employment attorney NYC for legal assistance.

Right to Organize

Right to organize means at a workplace one can join together with his/her coworkers to question the work condition or any other work issues. Employees can form a union for collective bargaining and negotiation with the employer. Tremiti LLC is an expert labor and employment law firm that represents and counsels businesses and organizations in a variety of employment and labor law issues including collective bargaining and contract management.

Minimum Wage

As of December 31, 2018, all the employers having 10 or fewer works are required to pay minimum remuneration of $13.50 and employers having 11 or more workers must allocate a minimum wage of $15.00 to their workers. The law gives the right to New York employees to be paid for every hour they work and the time they spent traveling or doing anything else during a workday. For more information you can visit official site of the New York State Department of Labor or you can discuss more with an employment attorney.


Employees who work more than 40 hours a week must be paid at least 1.5× of the regular hourly wage for every extra hour.


No employer may discriminate against any worker in any manner regardless of his age, color, race, religion or on any other basis that is prohibited by the city, state, and the federal government. Employees who think they are being discriminated against may file a complaint with the Commissioner of Labor. 

Workplace Health and Safety

Employees have the right to work in safe and healthy work conditions. Therefore, employers’ duty is to ensure compliance with the safety and health standards required under the law.

If your employer does not inform you about workplace hazards or not provide you proper training before allowing you at the actual worksite, it may result in accidents and injuries. In that condition, an employee may seek compensation to recover lost wages and arranging medical treatment.

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Things to Look For When Hiring an Employment Attorney in NYC

Any business in New York needs to aware of laws that govern its operations and work environment. The same concept applies to employees as they are mostly unaware of laws that govern their positions. An employment attorney NY provides insights and updates of these laws to both parties. As Tremiti LLC serves only business clients and eligible individuals in their employment, immigration, and other corporate affairs, in this blog we’ll discuss important things that an employer should look for when hiring an employment attorney.

Employment lawyers mostly involve in cases related to discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, overtime, violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). You can simply find a labor and employment law Firm by searching in Google. But it’s not always the best approach to choose lawyers.

Do they really specialize in employment-related issues?

In many cases people often make an invalid judgment seeing the advertisement and press releases. There are agencies that advertisement themselves as they solely represent employment cases but actually their real practice is different maybe personal injury law or commercial litigation. Employment law is fairly complex and requires higher level of experience and knowledge to handle cases.

Experience in this field

Whether you’re looking for labor and employment law firm NYC or for any other type of attorney, you should make sure they have experience with your particular set of needs. Had you embroiled in a harassment lawsuit? Have you been alleged of discrimination? An employment law form handles a broad range of cases including employment contracts, agreements, handbooks, safety standards, policy reviews, wages, workers’ compensation, and more. If you’re a business, employer, or a human resource department, you can contact Tremiti LLC to discuss any issue related to employment law, OSHA, or business immigration laws.

Listening and communication

It’s important for any lawyer to be an active listener and an effective communicator. When you call a lawyer, they should listen to your needs, and they should ask you several questions to draw out more about your legal issue. It is better to ask them a few questions as a client. For example, you may ask about other commitments and who will be available for you to assist in future matters.


As a successful law firm, Tremiti would always recommend you to crosscheck the track record of your prospective lawyer or firm. We have been in legal field since 2003 and continuously involved in representation of businesses and organizations in the core areas of Employment and Labor Law.

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What can an employment lawyer do for my business?

Labor and employment law attorney work to keep your business equitable, secure, and fair for the workers. Workers had been oppressed and victimized for centuries and they were at the mercy of their employers and supervisors. Today, workers have a lot of rights and privileges that most of the pensioners don’t had at their time. At the current time, we are living under a democratic rule and could not be fired, abused, or ill-treated by the employers. The government has enforced strict laws and standards that support both employees and employers to keep their relation impartial and secure. As a business owner, there are many occasions when you need to consult corporate law firms.

Do you need an employment lawyer?

Employment lawyers represent both employees and employers. The current employment laws are too complex to understand by someone not belongs to the legal field. Businesses need to develop a good working relationship with corporate law firms NYC that provide services such as general corporate laws advisory, filing regulatory approvals, fighting workers’ compensation claims, counseling on intellectual property issues, business immigration, and others. You always need a competent attorney to writing up employment policies that meet legal standards of local, state, and the federal government. If you’re having a dispute with one or more of your employees, it’s better to take the advice of a legal professional for appropriate solutions.

What Does an Employment Attorney Do?

An employment law attorney solves employee-employer disputes and identifies legal options and solutions. They solve disputes related to:

  • Mistreatment by employer
  • Wrongful termination, layoffs
  • Desired termination of an unsatisfactory employee
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wage and hour

There are many other services that New York employment lawyers offer such as collective bargaining and improving legal communication between employees and a company’s human resource department. They help the recruiting team in making decisions that reflect good image of the company and also help in employee retention.

Benefits of hiring a corporate law firm

Instead of working with individual lawyers, it would better idea to work with fully-fledged corporate law firms. They retain attorneys, paralegals, and other trainee staff with provable credentials. There many benefits of hiring them that include but not limited to –

  • They help in building strategies and solutions that help overcome employment-related issues without much interruption to regular business operations.
  • They keep employers up-to-date with the latest updates and information about relevant laws and avoid the risk of incompliance.
  • Law firms work closely with business clients to handle drafting, negotiations, and reviewing legal documents and policies.
  • They help in preparing employment contracts and agreements.
  • They represent you in court and provide valuable guidance to solve any dispute arise in the future.

You can reach a reputed law firm or attorney who handles employment issues for businesses through a bit of research on the internet. Make sure you contact a licensed, trained, and experienced employment law attorney New York

5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Business Immigration

A business immigration attorney offers services to individuals and clients that may include immigration consultation, visa strategy and planning, immigration compliance, non-immigrant visa preparation, and more. If you’re planning to migrate your business to another country or want to establish a business in another country, the process can be complicated and surrounded by a number of intricate documentation and verification processes.

Mostly corporate law firms NYC provide the U.S. immigration and visa services, especially for a B-1 visa. A temporary business visitor B-1 visa is issued to people who are eligible and traveling to the US for business purpose. To ease the qualifying steps for immigration and avoid mistakes and risks, most businesses, professionals, and investors prefer hiring an expert lawyer for legal advice.

Below we’ve put together five reasons why you should hire a business immigration attorney:

Knowledge and Experience

An immigration attorney in Manhattan NYC is trained to evaluate the eligibility and potential problems that are stone in a business’s immigration process. It is not easy to understand the US immigration laws and detailed procedure. When you hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, he facilitates the application process and guides you with valuable information. Their experience allows you to abate potential risks and errors in your application.

Save Time

When you take help of corporate law firms they manage your immigration process effectively and save you a fair amount of time. A reputable law firm will never make false promises and will always provide realistic solutions. It’s true that even they can’t convey an exact timeframe to you; they are capable to prevent long delays in the approval of your documents. A number of issues arise when you’re going into something you’re not really aware of or have never dealt with. Your lawyer will be there to address and resolve issues quickly.

Explaining available Options

There can be multiple doors available for you to start trading as a foreigner in the US. Your business immigration attorney NY gives you the advantage of reading different rules, laws, and conditions for a specific entry. They explain their strategy based on their previous cases and various potential outcomes.

Avoid Fraud

It is a matter of investment risk sometimes when you bank on an attorney who is after money. Undoubtedly, when you take professional help you have to pay a sum for it but because nowadays as the cases of notario fraud and visa lottery scams are increasing, you need to consult with authorized lawyers to know whether your business is really able to be permitted.

4 Tips for Hiring the Best Employment Lawyers

Getting dismissed from your post on account of nothing feels really disappointing and these events are becoming common day by day as employers expelling their valuable employees for any reason they think of. On the other hand, grounds are as rough for employers as more employees taking unfair advantage of enforced employment law and rules. For either case, employment lawyers play vital roles in representing and prevailing justice.

As a business or company, you look for a labor and employment law firm NYC when you need to defend your side in court against an employee. On the contrary, employees need it when their termination is unjustified and violates the rights and benefits entitled to him or her by the law. No matter which side you are and for what purpose you’re here at this piece of writing, if you’re looking to hire an attorney for the employment-related issue, there are many considerations to make a right choice.

Know what you need in your lawyer

Whether you’re a corporate or an individual looking for employment lawyers, start by identifying the traits you want in your lawyer. These are a few suggestions for you:

  • Your litigator should have excellent communication skills. Evaluate it by calling and texting in advance.
  • Another aspect of hiring a good attorney in Manhattan NYC is the workload. Make sure he is not bearing multiple cases at a time.
  • You would surely prefer lawyers who possess required qualification and training in handling the legal matters like you.
  • Check the background and total years of experience of your attorney to feel confident while making a choice.

Type of Lawyer

There are a number of laws and areas in which lawyers practice. Your case might be different than the cases an attorney has pursued and solved in the past. However, a specialized labor and employment law firm may deal in several types of employment-related cases.

Search on the web

There are plenty of New York employment lawyers available if you look on the web. You can use some famous legal sites like avvo.com that make it easy for you to find a lawyer by area of practice in your current location. Once you will search on these types of sites, a list of top-rated lawyers will automatically prompt and you can check websites of a couple of lawyers to know more about them.

Consider recommendations from family, co-workers, and friends

You ask your family members, co-workers, friends, and even a lawyer with whom you had contacted for a different case for potential references. You can trust these people and know more about their personal experience with a particular lawyer they know or with whom they solved a case before. When you will ask, likely you will get additional advice which can be decisive.